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Refund Policy About Klarna




Consumers request a return or refund→Goldfan agrees and initiates in the API Refund, notify Klarna→Klarna refunds to consumers 

1. Consumers communicate with Goldfan about returns and refunds, or consumers initiate a refund request on Klarna App or

2. After Goldfan agrees, immediately initiate a refund request via API in the system If a refund occurs and Goldfan fails to notify Klarna of the refund transaction in a timely manner through the API, Klarna will charge a Late Return Fee for each refund (this is to avoid: the consumer has applied For refunds and returns, Klarna still collects payments/debts from the consumer without receiving notice, causing Klarna to pay a fixed cost due to debt collection and suffer loss of reputation). These types of fees are charged in three situations: (1) in reminder status-at the stage of reminding consumers to pay (2) in debt collection-in debt collection status (3) If Klarna sells the bill to a third-party debt collection agency, the withdrawal will be cancelled due to merchant error

3. Klarna will automatically process the refund after receiving the refund request. If it is a partial refund, an updated bill will be issued to the consumer based on the actual situation so that the consumer can pay the remaining amount. A. Under normal circumstances, the refund will be processed within 14 days B. If the consumer's bank card is changed (such as expired), Klarna will usually receive a payment refund prompt, and then directly contact the consumer to obtain the consumer's latest bank collection information to ensure a smooth refund Return to consumers