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About us

About us

In 2017, Goldfan became active in the furniture field. At first, it only started business in the UK, and constantly adjusted its corporate goals. Now Goldfan has established warehouses in the UK, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, and Poland. At present, Goldfan has 32 websites in the UK selling Goldfan products, and we plan to increase this number by 10 times within a year. As for the progress of the physical store, we expect to open our first offline physical store in London after the epidemic is fully controlled, so stay tuned...

The main goal of Goldfan is to provide consumers with complete solutions and affordable prices.
The vast majority of Goldfan consumers are white-collar workers and students. Goldfan is also clearly providing this group with products with novel designs, practical functions, excellent quality and competitive prices.


Do you know...

• The cost of my home furnishings is very low. Because of the low rent, cheap interior design, few people, and most of our furniture is purchased directly from suppliers in Asia and throughout Europe, there is no middleman, so the price is low
• Goldfan imports directly from the factory, excluding expensive middlemen
• Goldfan will not spend money on expensive furniture unless it receives a personal order
• Many of Goldfan's products are assembled in the factory
• Goldfan has trained employees to ensure that we provide the best service to our customers
• 80% of Goldfan products can be delivered within 1 week

Best quality price:
Good quality does not necessarily cost a lot of money. At Goldfan, our internal costs are very low, benefiting consumers at low prices. We import directly from the factory without expensive intermediaries. We have signed agreements with suppliers who attach great importance to quality, so we can guarantee the quality of the goods we sell.

At Goldfan, you can safely shop on our official website. We have professionally trained employees who know what they are dealing with and have many years of experience in sales and consulting. You can get fast and efficient inspections on our website

Goldfan provides high-quality furniture and high-level services at very low prices.
Goldfan's inventory sales concept started with the sale of furniture and peripheral accessories from Walsall's private address. It soon became apparent that customers in the region were very interested in the concept of inventory sales. Therefore, in 2017, we have a second warehouse in Birmingham. At present, bookings in the UK are all issued from these two warehouses. Due to the address in the heart of the UK mainland, this makes our delivery time stable within 3 to 7 days.


Materials that meet the requirements:
The material of Goldfan's chair complies with British fire protection standards, and all fabrics have passed REACH.
In addition, Goldfan complies with and has the FSC certificate, and Goldfan's suppliers have also passed the BSCI certification.

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