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How to Pick a Kitchen Chair

How to Pick a Kitchen Chair

You're finally ready to add a few kitchen stools to your kitchen! We absolutely love dining with our guests, so we take finding the right design very seriously! If you're like us, the kitchen is the busiest part of the house, you'll understand how important it is to get the space right and seating better. Start by diving into our wide range of kitchen stools, but before that, here are some tips to help you shop right!



There’s nothing worse than ordering a product and it arrives not fitting into your vision properly. So you’re going to want to pay close attention when taking measurements for your kitchen island. Take your measuring tape and begin from the floor to the underneath of your island and then subtract roughly between 20-30cm (may differ depending on style), this height will dictate whether you are looking for a kitchen stool or bar stool. The only difference between our two options is simply the height; kitchen stool being 65cm and bar stools being 75cm. Be sure to check out the product description so you’re fitted with the correct height!

Backrest Or Backless?

The question is, a kitchen stool with a backrest or one without? They both have their benefits, so the right answer lies within what you’re trying to achieve with your space. You might be working with a smaller kitchen, meaning every square foot matters. With that being said, choosing a stool that has a backless design could work in your favor. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ a motto you’ll soon be living by when keeping your stylish stools tucked neatly away under your island.

We also have stool designs fitted with a backrest, for those wanting something a little more comforting – this is for you! Making the perfect match for homes that spend a lot of time in the kitchen or as some call it ‘The heart of the home’. When spending long periods of time in here, you and the family may feel more inclined to hang out here, knowing you’ve got your own seat in the house fit just for you. As well as comfort we can’t forget the importance of style, they’re not bought just to feel good but to look good too! These stools will become the hottest seat in the house, an eye-catching feature that will top off the style of your kitchen.


The Perfect Material Match

Now you’ve made a few important decisions, let’s discuss materials and find the best suit to fit your interior style and lifestyle. Working with those such as; woodplasticbouclemetalfaux leather and velvet, your options are almost limitless. Let’s break it down either further

Does this sound like you?

Living at home alone or with a partner, eats out a lot and could agree your life is fast paced. Although you do love to host dinner parties with your friends and family from time to time. Friends often come over, but you also spend time hanging out at their house… – Why not choose a design that is a little more daring, the risk of them dirtying up is minimal, putting you in a position to buy white boucle or a colourful velvet design.


Living in a family home, the heart of the home is the kitchen and most frequently used by all household members and guests. Food is always eaten at the island and you find yourself having to wipe the stools down after most meals – A wooden, plastic, metal or faux leather seat is just what you need. Easily cleaned and hard wearing for all purposes.

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