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Choice of Bed Room Chairs

Choice of Bed Room Chairs

Chairs in the bed room are generally used for the hostess' makeup table, the male host's makeshift desk.

The choice of chairs should match the color and pattern of the overall room.

Different owners have different needs for the living room. We should choose chairs according to the needs of the owner.


Makeup Chair——More inclined to the hostess's

The perfect combination of black walls and oversized glass is both practical and beautiful.

It not only visually expands the entire cloakroom space, but perfectly combines the functions of the cloakroom, reflecting functionality.
The marble countertop is perfectly matched with the white leather makeup chair, which is the perfect space for the hostess.

In the case of insufficient space, brown wooden boards are used to separate the hostess' dressing table.
The color collision between the white wall cabinet and the brown dressing table can more clearly highlight the hostess' dressing space, with thick pads that are easy to store.
The wrought iron round stool can be better suitable for the functionality of the space.


Office Chair - for temporary office or other functions

The softness of the beige ribbed cloth chair neutralizes the roughness and depression of the black wall pattern, and perfectly transitions with the white curtain, increasing the livability of the bed room.

The walnut legs and terry cloth cushions combine beautifully to neutralize the sharpness of the industrial style of the wrought iron desk, making it more of a bedroom and relaxing.


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