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How to match your sofa and dining chairs-2022

How to match your sofa and dining chairs-2022

We love the open plan living room dining room - they feel so spacious and connect two of our favourite rooms. In the living room, the sofa is the star. In the dining room, the designer dining chairs take centre stage. But have you ever wondered how to combine these two elements to create visual harmony?


Furniture styles

Let's start by looking at the main players, the sofa and the chairs. One option for a successful combination is to use the same style. This allows us to play with fabrics and colours, which means that the whole place has a definite look. At Kave Home, we make it easy for you. When you search our website, you can filter out your favourite styles and we will show you all the relevant pieces. It's that easy.


Colour is everything

Choosing a certain colour is another way to ensure that your sofa and dining chairs match. Choose pieces in the same shade or palette so that everything is linked by the colour. For example, you could look for chairs in the same upholstery as the sofa. If you are more daring or want to use different colours in your living room dining room, then we have another idea for you - fabrics.

Fabrics are another important part of the equation

That’s because cushions are very much a part of the sofa, as are the blankets you put on it, and even the rug underneath. Play around with the colour of fabrics, so they match the chairs.

Getting the right match

We love mixing and matching dining chairs. Choose the style and colour you want and curate the ideal combination of chairs. Try to make sure two of the chairs you’ve chosen have at least one element in common from our list and it’s a match made in heaven. You can’t go wrong!

A lot of homes have open spaces between the living room and dining room. To make these two spaces one, normally we resort to using the same materials, or painting the walls the same colour, or choosing the same kind of flooring. Now you know you can connect these two rooms by choosing the right furniture too.

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